IELTS Trial Test

Please Note: No dates are available to book your Trial Test until the end of June, 2023. Please keep checking our website for the next available dates.

What is IELTS pretesting?
  • We ensure that our exams are accurate and fair by testing materials before they are used in exams.
  • As part of our commitment to quality and fairness, we subject all exam materials to several procedures to ensure their accuracy and dependability.
Where and in which format IELTS Trial Testing is available with BITTS Testing Services
  • IELTS Trial testing is available at the BITTS Mississauga location, 7895 Tranmere Dr, Unit 230, Mississauga, ON L5S 1V9 (Landmark - Dixie Sikh Temple).
  • The Trial Test format is currently available in paper format only, and the number of items on the trial test may differ slightly from those on a live IELTS test.
How IELTS pretesting helps teachers and learners
  • Trial Testing allows students to practice taking an IELTS exam using real-world questions under exam conditions. This experience allows candidates to practice their exam technique, increasing their confidence by familiarizing themselves with the examination process.
  • This will make candidates feel more at ease and prepared for their live exams. It assists teachers in identifying areas where their students may require additional assistance. Students are advised to take pretests six to eight weeks before their final exam.
We have limited pretests
  • We will make every effort to provide all of the pretesting components (e.g., Reading) that you request, but we cannot guarantee this as we may have a high demand for a specific session and need a mix of first-language students in our sample for testing purposes.