Pre-Requisite I

Availability: Continuous

Length: 39 Hours

Department: English
Campus: Mississauga, Online
Semester: Continuous
Duration: 39 Hours

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Age must be 18 years or above


  • Understanding the question types
  • Discussing the various techniques to assist Readings.
  • Tips for Reading accurately.
  • Discussing techniques for T/F questions.
  • Discussing techniques for filling up the blanks.
  • Discussion strategies for the matching titles section.
  • Discussing the format of the Listening module.
  • Understanding the different task types.
  • Tips for listening for specific information.
  • Helping students co-op with following academic conversations.
  • Recognizing paraphrasing.
  • Determining the task type.
  • Learning to plan and organize.
  • Building on-task vocabulary.
  • Brainstorming for ideas and developing ideas clearly.
  • Writing practice.
  • Writing formal and informal letters.
  • Writing essay.
  • Engaging in individual and group activities to overcome hesitation.
  • Learning to talk about any topics at any length.
  • Note-making, paraphrasing, and organizing the ideas.
  • Identifying the individual idiosyncrasies and lexical resources.
  • Techniques to deliver monologues and have meaningful dialogue with another person.