Scantron, a leader in Assessment Solutions and Technology Solutions, is headquartered in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, with other locations in the America and Canada.

Scantron offers services in the creation, design, and execution of testing and training for certification bodies, corporations, educational establishments, government entities, and professional groups.

It offers many testing programs including ACAT, CLP, NABCEP, and many more, each with specific expertise. These testing programs are offered through Meazure Learning.

Meazure Learning has 1,400+ testing centers in 110 countries, offering internet-based and paper exams in supervised settings. In the top 100 U.S. cities, 98% of candidates are within 15 miles of our centers. Our testing facilities are consistent, high-quality, and technologically advanced, ensuring an exceptional experience.

Test sites and dates are reserved on a first come first served basis. Book yours here Test Site Cities | Meazure Learning – Candidate Services

Once a candidate is registered, his/her exam date and time are reserved and he/she will receive via email the address and driving directions to the chosen testing site as well as instructions regarding arrival time, what to bring, and a link to a generic sample test that demonstrates Meazure Learning’s online testing software, PASS.

To enroll for an exam for an organization, and to check if sample tests are available, click on "Learn more" located to the right of the organization's name and abbreviation at this link - Testing Programs | Meazure Learning – Candidate Services

Meazure Learning recommends that all candidates complete a sample test before buying a practice test or going to a supervised test center. This sample test showcases the Meazure Learning test environment and is provided free of charge. Any queries about the testing software should be addressed during the sample test and by reviewing the testing instructions.

Sample test can be accessed here Preparing for your test | Meazure Learning – Candidate Services