Met Retake Registration

4-skill MET Digital test takers may request a retake of only one of the following skills - Writing, Listening, or Reading section of the exam.

The Test Taker can request a Retake by accessing their profile on the Michigan Language Assessment Portal.

Payment for the retake needs to be made here on the BITTS Portal after completing the following registration form.

  • For Listening or Reading : CAD 85 + Taxes
  • For Writing : CAD 93 + Taxes
Test-takers under the age of 18 must provide the name and contact details of their parent or guardian.
Candidates must provide 1 form of valid, non-expired government-issued ID, including a recent recognizable photo and signature. Acceptable forms of ID include:
- Driver's license
- PR card
- Passport
If you require a test accommodation for a disability, please send an explanation and all relevant medical documents to met@bitts.ca.

BITTS Testing Services is an official MET partner for testing across Canada.

Book your test using the following link at BITTS and take the seamless experience of our well-equipped test labs and professional work environment.

Our well-trained staff is available to assist you while you are busy taking your test at BITTS.

  • Retake must be requested within three days of the results issued
  • Retake must be completed within 28 days of decision
  • Score available usually within 5 days of retake date
  • If the retake results in a higher score: A new score report is issued. The report will reflect the score is the result of a retake
  • If the retake results in a lower score: The original score report is issued. The report will not reflect a retake.

Contact Information for MET Queries

Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time

Phone: +1 (905) 461 1147

Email: met@bitts.ca