Planning & Managing Scope in Agile Projects

PDU Value: 1.0

Length: 1 hour

Duration: 1 hour
PDU value: 1.0
Allocation as per PMI talent triangle: Technical (Ways of Working)
Mode of delivery: : Pre-recorded presentation with voice-over

With the rapid global expansion & fast paced evolving projects, there’s a project methodology that applies universally, “Agile”- it’s in higher demand than ever. Agile & hybrid are widely spreading project management methodologies that influence all dimensions and types of organizations. Even though this concept is being adapted across industries, people still have questions such as “Why do we need agile?” “Is agile really worth it?” or “How to plan and manage agile projects?”

  • Agile Project Manager

  • Scrum Master

  • Business Analyst

  • Project Co-ordinator

  • Assistant Project Manager

The brief course outline has been shared below which will be well elaborated during the course.

  • Getting familiar with agile, hybrid & predictive frameworks

  • Overview of agile mindset, key concept & methodologies

  • Product & project release planning

  • Agile project phase – objectives & planning

  • Agile requirement gathering

  • Planning & estimation in agile projects

  • Product & sprint backlog management

  • Planning & managing agile ceremonies

  • Summing up agile benefits

Agile as a whole idea represented the adaptiveness and response to change. Agile mindset promotes that the learning happens naturally, thus helps organizations to deliver value amidst uncertainty. To choose best suited agile methodology for your project, it’s essential to know basics of it. In order to plan and manage agile project understanding all aspects of agile is essential. With this course, you’ll get knowledge about agile mindset, agile frameworks & their application based on type of projects. You’ll get familiar about release management, project phases majorly planning, initiation and managing scope for agile based projects.

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