Why is it important to establish Project Governance?

PDU Value: 1.0

Length: 1 hour

Duration: 1 hour
PDU value: 1.0
Allocation as per PMI talent triangle: Technical/Ways of Working
Mode of delivery: Pre-recorded presentation with voice-over

At PMI it’s said that “Good project governance is the secret weapon of effective projectbased organizations”. Project governance is a function within organization that decides how the decisions are made. Having said that to understand need of good governance framework and how to implement same becomes essential.

  • Project Manager/ Assistant Project Manager

  • Scrum Master

  • Product Owner

  • Delivery Lead

  • Team Lead

  • Project Co-ordinator

  • People Manager

  • Training Managers

The brief course outline has been shared below which will be well elaborated during the course.

  • What is project governance & it’s importance?

  • Understanding governance framework

  • Three pillars of project governance

  • Factors to determine best fit governance model

  • Essential governance meetings & agenda

  • Cultivating non-blaming culture

  • Effects of lack of project governance

  • Criticality of project governance for project health

Whatever role you’re playing in a project, having good project governance increases your chances of achieving the desired results. It improves work quality and prevents blame game culture in the organization. In this course, you’ll get to know about what is project governance, it’s importance for projects & organization, governance pillars & framework, implementation of project governance and what are the impacts if non-governance is practiced in a project or organization.

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