Servant Leadership to Empower Team Members

PDU Value: 1.0

Length: 1 hour

Duration: 1 hour
PDU value: 1.0
Allocation as per PMI talent triangle: Technical/Ways of Working
Mode of delivery: : Pre-recorded presentation with voice-over

Leadership is one of the skills that can be learned. Servant leadership is not a new term but was coined by Robert Greenleaf in 1970. Servant leader’s practice and reflect agile mindset with an approach that focuses on purpose, people & process in the given order. There are factors that influence team’s behavior and performance. Let’s understand through this course all important aspects of servant leadership.

  • Agile Project Manager

  • Scrum Master

  • Product Owner

  • Delivery Lead

  • Team Lead

  • Project Co-ordinator

  • Assistant Project Manager

  • People Manager

The brief course outline has been shared below which will be well elaborated during the course.

  • Origin & understanding servant leadership characteristics

  • Servant leadership hierarchy

  • Paradigm shift from control to empowerment

  • Servant leadership and employee empowerment

  • Accountability for servant leaders

  • Team leading characteristics of a servant leader

  • Essential servant leader themes

  • Agile focus areas for team skill empowerment

  • Balancing act – Key learnings

With agile methodology of project management been adapted widely across industries, it becomes essential to understand the concept of facilitation for team as a servant leader. Moving from command & control to empowerment is what this concept is all about. It’s easier said than done and work as in shoes of a servant leader than a controlling manager and lead your team to peak performance. In this course, you’ll get familiar about origin, characteristics and hierarchy of servant leadership; what is needed to shift team to empowerment, focus and key skill areas and accountability of servant leadership as a role.

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