How to Transform Teams with Efficient Conflict Management?

PDU Value: 1.0

Length: 1 hour

Duration: 1 hour
PDU value: 1.0
Allocation as per PMI talent triangle: Leadership/Power Skills
Mode of delivery: Pre-recorded presentation with voice-over

When managing projects, one of the major area of people management that comes into play is conflict management. One perspective of looking at conflict management is preventing conflict between team members by creating bonding & trust among team member. However, no matter how good a leader is to create team synergy – conflicts between team members are non-preventive. Conflict management and resolution is therefore one core area of people management for successful project management. Let’s understand through this course all important aspects of conflict management.

  • Project Manager

  • Delivery Lead

  • Team Lead

  • Project Co-ordinator

  • Assistant Project Manager

  • Scrum Master

  • People Manager

The brief course outline has been shared below which will be well elaborated during the course.

  • Why do we need to manage & resolve conflicts?

  • Team dynamics & stages of team formation

  • Bringing together different perspectives

  • Models of conflict management

  • Practicing effective conflict management

  • Encouraging effective conflict management within team members

  • Conflict resolution strategies

  • What skills do you need to as a Leader/Manager to manage conflicts effectively?

  • Relationship between team performance & conflict management

To efficiently built and manage teams, managing and resolving conflicts becomes essential. Team synergy is backbone of team’s performance and can happen only when team members share bonding. In order to manage high performance teams and deliver successful projects, skills like conflict resolution become essential for leaders such as project managers. With this course, you’ll get knowledge about team formation, synergy and managing effectively with different perspectives among team members. You’ll get familiar about models of conflict management; conflict resolution strategies and we’ll understand what skills one must attain in order to handle conflicts effectively as a people manager or leader.

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