Changes in IELTS Listening Test 2020

2020 came in with a lot of changes not just in our lives but also in IELTS. We will discuss changes specifically in the IELTS listening module and highlight some important tips at the end.

The Updates to IELTS listening:

The changes came into effect at the start of 2020. If you have taken the test before 2020orif you are planning to sit for it again, you will notice some changes for sure.

  • No example question:

The most obvious change is that you will no longer have an example question at the beginning of the test. You will still see an example question done in the booklet but won’t hear it in the recording. The audio will only be played once.

  • Sections are now parts:

What were previously called sections are now called parts. Basically, the four sections of the listening test are now called four parts of the test.

  • No page reference:

The audio recording or the questions in the booklet will never say “on page 3” or “refer to page 3”.

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