The successful conclusion of the IELTS Test Booking process leads to the confirmation of several things. A test taker’s confirmation includes:

  • The exam date.
  • Exam timings.
  • The exam venue and its address.
  • The test taker’s candidate number.

It’s comprehensive and can help relieve some test taker stress. But things sometimes don’t happen as planned—schedules change and life’s unpredictable occurrences.

Now the stress is back for test takers. But today’s post can address some these test booking matters and further relieve test taker stress.

Some of the Stresses Test Takers Incur After Booking Their IELTS Test

Certain things spin the minds of test takers and every testing center recognizes this. For this reason, BITTS wants its test takers to know the following:

★   How to Know Your IELTS Test Registration is Successful

This question comes to the mind of many test takers. But confirmation is simple: the British Council confirms the booking of your IELTS paper through a confirmation e-mail or an SMS. It’s best to check your e-mail and SMS box regularly upon making the IELTS booking.

The email or SMS test takers receive from the British Council notes all key information of the test day session: the test venue, the exact test date(s), test times, and the test taker’s IELTS candidate number.

★   Is Your IELTS Test Booking Still Awaiting Approval?

All test takers receive an email or SMS from the British Council showing the booking of their test as pending or waiting for approval. It’s a common practice.

It does NOT mean any rejection is involved. Rather, it means the test center has still not confirmed your registration. This happens simply because of the volume of registrations the IELTS Test Center is receiving and processing. In such instances, your exam center may take some time to change the status of your registration from “Booked – Awaiting Approval” to “Confirmed”.

Test takers should establish communication with their test center, check their email box/SMS box, check your IELTS Test account, and wait for all confirmation notices. 

Keeping screenshots of all notices is recommended. It will help test takers keep a record of their booking activities in case there is a future issue to present to the IELTS customer service or support team for help. Those screenshots or documents are the best proof during the verification process.

★   Which Email Copy must be Brought to the IELTS Test Center?

Most test takers don’t know about this matter. As a result, they commit one of the following mistakes:

  • They don’t take a copy of the confirmation e-mail to the exam center.
  • They bring a copy of the wrong e-mail to the exam location.

Consequently, the authorities there deny them entry to the IELTS test center due to these mistakes. They are marked absent from the test and lose all of their exam fees plus the right to claim any refund(s).

This wastes so much time and effort preparing for the IELTS. Test takers need to bring a copy of their confirmation e-mail sent by The British Council to their test day registration point.

★  IELTS Test Registration is Confirmed but not Timings…What Now?

ielts exam time

This happens to many test takers: they receive a confirmation e-mail from the British Council. This e-mail or SMS confirms their exam registration, exam dates, venue, but does not confirm the timing of their IELTS Test.

This is not a mistake. Your exam center or the British Council confirms the timing of your test through a separate e-mail or SMS at least three to five working days before your exam date.

Here the test taker needs to contact their IELTS Test Center if they don’t receive confirmation of your exam timings three days before the exam. It’s a way to ensure that all is order. Rightly or wrongly, exam bookings get convoluted but the more damage control a test taker can do, the more they can have all their test day matters solidified before their sitting.

Is the Cancellation and Rescheduling Possible after Successful IELTS Test Registration?

Absolutely! The British Council allows the cancellation or rescheduling of IELTS exam bookings. Test takers can request both of these through one of the following methods:

  • The official website of the British Council. 
  • The IELTS Test Center the test taker has booked his/her exam through.

PLEASE NOTE: certain requests will not be entertained under the following circumstances:

  • Sick notes sent by the test taker’s family or friends.
  • Close-to-the-test date request of IELTS test cancellation or rescheduling.

The submission of your request for both things at least five weeks before your IELTS test dates increases your chances of getting a fee refund. Those who request late or close to their exam date do not qualify for a refund. Those who apply at least five weeks early get 75% of their fee refunded. The rest of the 25% fee is deducted as the IELTS Test administration fee.

BITTS suggests test takers visit the British Council website for all refund information. Do so before you submit your application. It will help you make the right decision.

★    You have booked the Wrong IELTS Test Type…What Now?

This is a common and confusing situation. Test takers mistakenly book the wrong test for IELTS, be it academic or general.

To be clear, IELTS Academic is for those who wish to study in an English-speaking country, while IELTS General Training is for those who wish to work or enroll in below-degree-level courses or work in an English-speaking country.

The British Council allows test takers to change the type of IELTS Test. Test takers can book General Training IELTS Test instead of the IELTS Academic Test and vice-versa. The British Council will process your application for IELTS Module Change under the following circumstances:

  • If there is a window available for the requested new IELTS Test Dates.
  • If you submit your application at least a week or two before your IELTS exam day.
  • The requested dates are within three months of the dates booked previously.

In short, BITTS never wants test takers to face these problems. It’s always best for test takers to dedicate their time to the preparation of the test with confidence. Yet they stand a better chance of dealing with sudden issues should they arise the aforementioned tips.

Do you want to prepare for the test with further confidence? BITTS has the best IELTS Preparatory Course for you in Canada. Experienced, skilled, and qualified staff can help test takers prepare for the IELTS Test with confidence.

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