The IELTS One Skill Retake option is climbing the popularity ladder among test takers. Several British Council-approved exam venues in Canada are a part of our network. We will tell you about one of those BITTS IELTS test centers today.

You will learn some more things about it. This post will answer several more questions about this innovation, including:

  • How does one book the IELTS one skill retake?
  • How do candidates succeed with the IELTS one skill retake?
  • What is the process of getting the IELTS one skill retake results?

Here goes…

●     Steps To Follow for One Skill Retake IELTS Exam Date Booking

There is a process for everything. All things done systematically consume less time. While IELTS bookings seem cumbersome, they are easier than you think.

You can book dates for retaking one IELTS module of your choice using a systematic approach. The British Council has determined a process you need to follow for it. Some things to mind are:

  • Make sure you have taken the entire test recently.
    • Get your results from your BITTS IELTS exam venue that offers a one skill retake facility.
    • Book dates for it within 60 days from the dates of your original test.
    • Test takers can sit for the IELTS one skill retake only once per full test.

You are eligible for relevant IELTS exam date booking if you fulfil this eligibility criteria. The British Council has determined this eligibility criteria.

Take a Look at the Approach You Need to Book Dates for the IELTS One Skill Retake

Follow these essential steps for the one skill retake option:

  • Visit the Test Taker Portal.
    • Login to your account.See your IELTS Test Results.Head to the Retake Button.Choose the skill you want to retake.Choose a One Skill Retake IELTS Exam Booking Date. Proceed to the Complete Your Booking button. Your Booking and Fee Payment will be processed and confirmed once you click the button. Check all your details twice before clicking it. Look for a Confirmation Email or Message in your inbox/SMS box.Again, log in to your Test Taker Portal.
    • Visit the Tests and Results section to check your One Skill Retake IELTS Exam Date Booking details.

You will get the confirmation message there too. Remember, you will be eligible for the retake option only if you recently took the full IELTS computer-based exam. The format and structure of this IELTS Test innovation is similar to the format and structure of regular tests. 

●     Tips to Succeeding with IELTS One Skill Retake

We have seen many test takers struggling to succeed in IELTS or at least have frustration gaining the band score they desire. For this reason, we suggest you follow the tips from our experienced and IELTS-qualified tutors. See below:

  • Understand which IELTS module you weakest in. Identify the points that give you pain in that particular module. It could be anything like grammar or listening comprehension. Dedicate your time using the British Council-approved BITTS IELTS resources to prepare for the test.
    • Utilize time, resources, infrastructure, and access to our tutors. Such a disciplined approach is the key to unlocking access to tips, strategies, improvement in weak areas, group/private one-to-one tutuoring/private classes, and preparing a schedule for the best preparation.
    • Be consistent and time conscientious in your preparations. BITTS suggests candidates dedicate time and efforts to be consistent. It will be possible using free available IELTS resources, practice with previous exam papers, complete the focus on your pain points information, and get support from your IELTS qualified tutor or an Online/offline group.

All of this preparation can help IELTS candidates reap more benefits on your test day. You will see it for yourself through improvement in your IELTS test Results.

●     Process To Get IELTS One Skill Retake Results

Those who opt for it receive a new IELTS TRF (Test Report Form). It includes the following:

  • Your New Test Score.
    • Your Score From Your Original Test.
    • Your overall CEFR—the Common European Framework of Reference For Languages.

CEFR is an international standard For describing language ability.

  • The Test Venue You Can Book for the One Take IELTS Option Innovation

The British Council has approved certain exam locations worldwide for it. Our Abbotsford IELTS test centre is one of those locations. All types of latest infrastructure for the computer-based IELTS, the IELTS trial test, and the IELTS one skill retake are the specialty of this exam venue.

When it comes to the IELTS one test retake option, candidates will need to prepare for it with a lot of discipline. More importantly, candidates will need access to test conditions, the latest test material, and the experience of IELTS qualified tutors to sit the test with full confidence and preparation on the test day.

BITTS IELTS can provide you with everything you need. Thousands of test takers have testified it online in their own words. Give us a chance once, and you will see everything for yourself.

Sounds interesting? Register now! Our BITTS support staff will help at every step of the registration process. Be quick! BITTS serves candidates on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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