Do you want to retake the IELTS Test to boost your score? Don’t you wish to retake the entire exam for it? Well, now you can! The British Council has heard your voice and BITTS can now help to deliver. It’s a new solution available to all IELTS test candidates.

What is the solution? How does it work? Is it something new? Continue reading this post to get answers to all your questions below:

●    One Skill Retake IELTS Test Is the Solution

The British Council has introduced this new feature for those who are not satisfied with their performance in one of the four modules of the IELTS exam.

It will help you achieve your desired number of bands in a particular module. Candidates don’t have to retake all four modules of this exam for it.

●    Do You Want More Reasons to Trust This New IELTS Feature?

You’re likely thinking: “Of course!” For this reason, we have a complete list ready for you.

➔  Prepare Only for A Particular Module

One Skill Retake IELTS Exam benefits test takers in several ways. It is an opportunity for test-takers to prove the quality of their English language. It is a facility for test-takers to improve their score in LRWS (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) modules. And eliminates the compulsion of retaking the entire exam.

➔  Save Time and Money

Save money and time

IELTS Exam Booking is expensive for most candidates. Often, they have to take out a loan or save for long periods of time to pay its fee. Investment of time is also required to be ready for the test.

More proficient candidates in the English language don’t need more than a day or two to be ready for the exam. They only need some knowledge about its format and modules.

On the other hand, average users need some time to be ready to take the test confidently. They have to invest a lot of their time to improve their English language. Understanding the exam format is a second priority for them.

Such test takers have to learn English grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, expressions, and many more skills. Elevating their understanding of IELTS Exam modules and test-taking strategies is something they can learn later.

Coming back to the point, test takers don’t have to pay an exam fee to book the entire test again. Candidates only pay for one module and prepare for it. Thus candidates will save time and money. It allows you to prepare for a module you want to score better in. 

➔  You Are Already Familiar with The Test

The test format and timing of all modules remain unchanged. Hence candidates don’t have to worry about preparing for all four modules one more time and need not pay the test fee during the IELTS Exam Booking process again. The quality of your familiarity with all four test modules deserves credit for it.

➔  Test Takers Receive a New TRF

This is another benefit of this new feature for you. A new IELTS TRF (Test Report Form) is issued to you. Your new TRF includes the following:

  • IELTS One Skill Retake Test Score.
  • Original Test Score.
  • CEFR Score.

Remember, this will not change the validity of your IELTS Results. The original test result will be considered valid.

The validity of your original test results will be acceptable for two years from the original exam date. Candidates can see it in your new IELTS TRF.

➔  No Change to Your Original IELTS Exam Results:

This is another benefit of this new feature. The quality of your performance and your test score do not change your original score. Candidates can use your original score once you receive your original test score.

●    Eligibility Criteria to Apply For IELTS One Skill Retake

Eligibility Criteria for ielts

The British Council has determined eligibility criteria for it. Those who fulfill these Terms & Conditions are eligible to leverage the potential of this feature.

Proceed to the One Skill Retake booking process if you have taken the full IELTS On Computer Test recently.

  • You must have received your results from an exam center that offers an IELTS One Skill Retake Facility.
  • One Skill Retake IELTS Test Booking is mandatory within 60 days of your original test.
  • Remember, candidates cannot sit the IELTS One Skill Retake Exam more than once per original test. 

●    Steps For One Skill Retake IELTS Exam Booking

  • Candidates need to log in to their Test Taker Portal.
  • Check your results.
  • Proceed to the Retake button for the skill you want to retake.
  • Select a suitable date for the IELTS One Skill Retake to book your preferred session. Double-check before confirming your details before clicking the Complete Your Booking button to confirm your booking and fee payment.
  • Wait for a confirmation email once your payment is successfully processed.
  • Login to your Test Taker Portal and head to the Tests and Results option to find your new Booking details. It is another option for you to check your confirmation email.

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