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Food Handler Certification Course:

A Great and Exciting Industry 

Food. We all love it and some people love it so much that they desire to be part of the industry. Specialty dishes, menu creation, customer service, cuisine experimentation – it’s as exciting and fast-paced as work comes. Sadly, they have no idea how to enter the service industry to get started. However, there is a method: having a food handler certification can help you gain access to almost all food service roles. 

What’s Involved 

Many people think, “Come on…you really need a certification to handle food? Why?” While food service seems relatively simple, there are a lot of complexities involved. This includes how to transport and store food, temperature monitoring during cooking to ensure thorough safety for consumption, bacterial growth conditions, and so much more. The Food Handler’s Certificate covers all of these topics from food safety laws, food contamination preventions, to proper restaurant and food service premises maintenance. The course comes with testing to ensure students get a comprehensive understanding of food handling right from the onset of their food service career. 

Quick but Complete  

Some people think that to enter the food service industry, you can only start in a low-rung job in a restaurant washing dishes for ages before even getting a chance to handle or cook food. With the Food Handler’s certificate, students get a one-day course involving theory, practices, and understanding so that they can get that higher level of entrance potential into the food service industry without all of the traditional job stress. By the end of the day, you’ll have the knowledge to work with food right away. 

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