The day before your IELTS Exam

It is important to learn to cope up with exam stress to give a strong performance in the exam. Here are
some tips that will help the test takers to manage stress and perform well in the test.

  • Test takers can warm up their minds by starting to think in the English language at least a day before the exam. Thinking in English is good practice in that situation. 
  • Get things ready a day before the exam like ID or Passport, pencil, eraser, and transparent water bottle. 
  • Test takers are allowed to carry a transparent water bottle inside the test room. So, make sure to carry transparent bottles only. 
  • Take a good 8 hours of sleep a day before the exam in order to perform well. Good sleep is the key to a fresh mind and stressful performance. 
  • Never leave anything till tomorrow. Get your clothes ready the day before the exam. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes to maintain your confidence throughout the test. 
  • Double-check with the Test Center regarding the required ID for the test day. 
  • Remember to use the restroom before the registration process. There is no such thing as a scheduled break between the listening, reading, and writing section of the test. It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete these three components. 
  • Listen carefully to all the test day instructions before, during, and after the test. 
  • Make sure to double-check the test location, the test center, and the timings of the exam the night before. 
  • The test takers receive instructions regarding arrival times and regarding general instructions in an email from the test center according to British Council Guidelines. Always arrive on time by following those instructions.
  • Be confident and calm throughout all components of the test and do your best. 

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