Be Infinite

BITTS International Career College is a reputed educational organization registered as a private career college by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities Ontario under the PCC Act 2005. The college offers diploma courses, certificate courses, and short programs.

The curriculums are related to health, business, information technology, and hospitality disciplines. Enrollment of both Canadian and international students in Brampton and the Mississauga campus is open. The college is online-enabled for all students who wish to study remotely. The online learning solutions can be instructor-led or self-paced, depending on the student.

BITTS Mission

We are on a mission to change the future of our students. Education transforms lives. Studying with BITTS gives them more than a diploma and makes the transition easy for learners.

Our Philosophy

Every person is born with an Infinite potential to succeed. We help you achieve that potential.

BITTS Principle

Education should be nurturing, affordable and accommodating.

Key Of Success

Every individual has a different set of circumstances which requires the teacher to adapt and enhance their knowledge.

Our vision

We believe that every person born on earth is born with an infinite potential, and we at BITTS will help you achieve it.

What does BITTS mean?

The original infinity symbol occurs in our world in a few places. One of them is at the side of a dock. If you go to the end of a lake or sea and come to a dock and see a ship standing, you should check the process to hold it. There are ropes or a single rope that are tied to one or two metal pegs. It keeps the craft in place. The way the rope is tied to the two pegs looks like an infinity symbol; these two pegs are called BITTS. It was our inspiration for the name. The words “BITTS” symbolize our Motto and Vision. The possessors are carefree once the boat is tied to a pair of BITTS.

Why BITTS College?

BITTS International Career College visions to provide quality education leading to great success in career path opted by the students. The college is offering various programs. The curriculums are designed by industry experts after analyzing job market trends. BITTS has different learning platforms like on-campus and online, which gives the students flexibility for learning as per their schedule. Diversity in the ethnicity of the students at BITTS International Career College gives all the students great exposure while studying.

How to Join?

Starting your journey to career success is as simple as 1-2-3. Our admission department has a team of well-learned and trained professionals who can guide you well for the best pathways for your career. There is a wide range of programs, preparatory classes & certifications available at the college. Learning can be done in-class (instructor-led) , virtual class (instructor-led) & on-line (self-paced). For more information, contact our admission advisors today. Both campuses, Brampton and Mississauga, can accept international students.

Our journey till now

Expansion of Campuses and Test Centre

BITTS is expanding with new IELTS exam venues and multiple campuses planned in Canada.

BITTS is expanding its operations further by adding new IELTS testing venues across different provinces in Canada. Furthermore, we are adding new courses and locations to make its presence felt in every part of Canada.



The Organization was awarded the British Council IELTS Centre and Paragon Testing CELPIP center.

The organization was awarded the British Council IELTS center and Paragon Testing CELPIP center. More than 30 tests were conducted at the BITTS Testing center in the first year of its accreditation with the British Council and Paragon Testing CELPIP.


Awarded Designated Learning Institute (DLI)

Expansion to include International Students

After successfully teaching Canadian students, BITTS decided to expand its reach and opened doors for international students who wish to study in Canada. From now on, international students could take advantage of getting knowledge at one of Canada’s exceptional institutions.


New Ownership

Change of Management Team to expand the operations

With the institution’s enlargement after a decade of its foundation, the management team was expanded for various operations within the college. New programs and new administration sections were introduced for the smooth continuance of the organization.


BITTS was established

BITTS was started as Brampton Technical Institute

BITTS started its journey as Brampton Technical Institute, with 400 students enrolled in 11 different technical programs.