Domestic Students

BITTS International Career college could be the topmost possibility for you to achieve the best services in means of academics. It could be great choice for students who wish to study remotely in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It is accessible for students who are living in Mississauga and near Brampton, Toronto. We know e-learning is powerful aspect for students. Majority of students are eager to learn while staying at home.

Step 1

Our team is always here to help you. So, make an appointment with the admissions advisor and visit the campus. Admissions advisor shall guide you through the process and suitable programs offered for your career enhancement.

Write to admissions@bitts.ca or Call us at +1 905 790 3940 to book an appointment.

Step 2

Discuss your prospective career path with the admissions advisor and select the suitable course you want to pursue for advancement in career.

Step 3

Once the program is finalized, proceed to check with the admissions requirements.

An Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or Equivalent or 18 years of age or older on or before the program commences and pass a qualifying test that has been approved by the superintendent or non-academic requirements (medical certificate, police check etc.) for specific programs.

Step 4

After meeting all the admissions requirements candidates, apply for the program by filing enrollment form, submitting copies of identity, status in Canada, academics, English proficiency (if applicable).

Step 5

Candidate makes the decision on payment of fee by referring available financial options in consultation with admissions advisor. Moreover, financial aid information is also available. You can even consult with your student advisor to check eligibility.

Step 6

Hurray! Candidate completed all the necessary to-do-list for enrolling into BITTS college Mississauga. Welcome to the path to success.

Campus Safety

We pride ourselves in ensuring that each member of our community is kept safe. The department of campus safety has taken the appropriate measures to ensure a safe and secure environment by remaining compliant with the provincial, federal and local laws.


The safety department at BITTS envision community-oriented campus safety programs to provide a safe campus and community to its people.


  • To establish decorum of the campus.
  • Every person must feel safe within the campus area.
  • Every individual must be treated with trust and respect.
  • Peace and harmony is well-maintained.
  • To ensure high quality services are enjoyed by the students.
  • There is no place for discrimination (based on gender, race, orientation, etc.).

BITTS Campus Safety Department is an integral part of BITTS International Career College and BITTS Testing Centre.


The volunteer program involves the willingly participation of students to safeguard the campus. They are trained on policies and procedures that provide them with the skills to handle minor day to day concerns of newer students.

The department of campus safety works alongside local law enforcement agencies for training programs and smooth law enforcement.