Community Engagement

Community engagement is a way of ensuring that community members have access to valued social settings and activities, feel that they can contribute meaningfully to those activities, and develop functional capabilities that enable them to participate fully.

At our campus, we believe in the endeavor to work collectively and mutually towards an extensive community objective and change. We delicately work towards developing, maintaining, and improving relationships with the communities it serves. We cultivate responsible affiliations among students, staff members, and campus mentors to attain a sustainable vision for the community.

Students interested in creating change and impact in the community can find guidance and mentorship at our College. We empower our students to be confident to participate in bringing great changes socially and environmentally.

Students who are affected by issues that impact the community are encouraged to participate with appropriate groups towards working out possible solutions, innovations, and more.


It will prove that you are a true Canadian.
We welcome students and the new ideas they bring with them. We provide a safe environment for them to express their ideas and give them the right direction. They can listen to diverse thoughts, which eventually helps in building their confidence and knowledge.