How To Apply

BITTS International Career College has many options available for you to choose. We offer diploma courses, short courses, certification courses and preparatory classes in the field of health, science, information technology and language learning. Good news is that we are accepting new students. If you would like to study in the college that focus on changing the world for better tomorrow. You are seeking for the right place.

Then BITTS International Career College is the foremost option for students. We do not use any algorithms to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal profile, to select students who suit to our community with a full range of backgrounds. You want to enroll into BITTS College? You can apply with ease by following the described steps.

Visit programs page and select a program that is suitable for your career goals. If you need more information about a particular course, you can write to admissions@bitts.ca. Mailing support will get back to you as soon as possible.

Finalize the course according to past-study or knowledge for broadening the career options. Once the subjects are finalized, proceed to check with the admissions requirements.

Our application form is available on the website. Apply for the program by submitting application form and filling all the necessary information.

Once the application form is submitted our support team will assist you. We will guide you for making a payment of CAD $350 (non-refundable) as application and administrative fee.

Once the application has been reviewed and accepted, the applicant will receive documents along with detailed instructions on the fee payments and the deposit schedule. A positive evaluation will lead to the issuance of a letter of acceptance (LOA).

If you are an international student, you are required to apply for a study permit. This can be done through your local Canadian embassy, using the letter of acceptance. If you are domestic student, then Click Here.

Financial Aid

BITTS International Career College provides few different ways of helping you fund your education. Please visit the college and discuss your unique situation with the financial advisory office. There are unique scholarships and joint funding programs with the Industry and the Government which we have access to. BITTS College has different payment plans to help reduce the burden of large upfront fees for eligible candidates.

Financing your education is an active part of the institution as education is valuable to everyone’s life. We work with multiple arrangements to help you fund your education. Please visit the college to understand the different options to pay your fees in stages if required. However, because of COVID-19, we are maintaining social distancing therefore you can either email or call us.

LLP Plan for Canadians

Lifelong Learning Plan [LLP] for Canadians is a unique program established by the federal government where students can use an RESP [Registered Education Savings Plan] to pay their fees and lower their tuition load.

Apprentice and Joint Co-op.

An apprentice program can allow students to first pay for the tuition but earn back their fees within 1-2 years of working as an apprentice.

HRDC and WSIB Support

Human Resources Development Canada[HRDC] and Workplace Safety Insurance Board [WSIB] of Canada supports Ontario residents via their programs to enhance the skills of local students who qualify. BITTS staff can direct prospective student to their local HRDC or WSIB board and understand how they may be able to qualify.

Industry Scholarships

Different industries have different scholarships for students who can sign a long-term employment agreement. Some even offer research positions to help bridge their research and development departments. Again, BITTS staff can consult students in how they may qualify for a scholarship in their field.