Our main goal at BITTS International Career College is to provide students with the skills needed to secure employment after course completion. We pride ourselves in the success of our students and make ourselves available as they navigate the professional world.

Our employment coordinators work tirelessly with employers and employment agencies, industry leaders, and organizations to build a clear pathway for our graduates. Our education philosophy mandates constant interaction between BITTS International Career College, the industry, and the students. This helps students establish professional relationships before entering the professional world.

The Employment Support Program works at three different levels: the classroom, first employment, and the industry level.

In the classroom, we teach students all that they need to know to land their first job through professional development workshops and industry knowledge. Students are taught how to construct a professional resume, appropriate body language, and mannerisms during an interview. Mock interviews are also conducted for live job openings to help prepare students.

Students receive the full benefit of the contacts and relationships our employment coordinators have developed over the years upon completion of the program. Our students are placed in contact with employers who are looking to hire immediately or in the immediate future according to their needs.

We support and keep in touch with our alumni to ensure they are growing in their chosen fields.