Student Expulsion Policy

BITTS International Career College is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the students can successfully complete their programs. BITTS has a commitment to ensure that, within this general framework, all students are treated fairly and equitably. Students who do not support the academic and ethical goals of the college for themselves and their fellow students may be subject to penalties, up to and including expulsion.

In general, BITTS will attempt to resolve a situation without expulsion. Verbal warning, written warnings and suspension may precede this final and most serious of actions. Where BITTS deems the integrity, safety or wellbeing of BITTS, students, staff, clients, visitors, and other guests is in danger then expulsion may be applied at BITTS’s discretion at any point in the process.

In conjunction with this policy, BITTS will ensure that students receive and are aware of its code of conduct, plus its academic and attendance policies.

The following outlines the conditions under which a student may be expelled with cause:
(Where BITTS has specific policy in these areas, they may reference them. Where no specific policy exists, the College should provide sufficient detail to allow the student to comprehend the conditions that will result in expulsion).

  1. Academic Dishonesty

    Students may be subject to expulsion at the discretion of BITTS for academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty is any word, action or deed performed alone, or with others for the direct or indirect intention of providing an unfair advantage or benefit to self or other student(s) including:

    • Cheating
    • Plagiarism
    • Unapproved collaboration
    • Alteration of records
    • Bribery
    • Lying
    • Misrepresentations.
  2. Outstanding Fees

    Failure to pay tuition or other fees due to BITTS is considered theft, and students who fail to remit outstanding fees may be expelled after a written warning has been provided by BITTS and the student fails to comply within the stated parameters.

  3. Code of Conduct

    All students are required to adhere to BITTS’s published code of conduct. While the violations do not have the potential to result in physical harm to persons or property, BITTS may expel a student who has received suspension for failure to comply and has since violated any of the terms of BITTS’s code of conduct. Students who are found under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or carrying weapons will be subject to immediate expulsion.

  4. Significant Omissions or Errors in Admissions Documentation

    BITTS has a responsibility to ensure students have been admitted in accordance with the registration requirements for the program. Students who knowingly or in error misrepresent their applications are subject to immediate expulsion.

  5. Academic Failure

    Students who fail to achieve the required academic standing in their programs may be expelled from the program. BITTS may at its discretion offer alternatives to a student and these are outlined in the academic policies for the program of study.

  6. Attendance

    Students who do not achieve the required attendance as stated in the college policy are subject to expulsion. Students who are absent from class for more than five consecutive days without sufficient cause will be automatically expelled.

  7. Harassment or Discrimination

    BITTS does not condone harassment or discrimination of any student, staff, client, or visitor to BITTS. Students participating in harassing or discriminatory activities are subject to immediate suspension pending investigation. Expulsion is mandatory for any student who is deemed by the investigation to have engaged in harassing or discriminatory activities.

    In determining what constitutes harassment or discrimination, BITTS refers to the Ontario Human Rights Code. Students requiring more specific information may refer to the specific code as posted on the provincial web site.

  8. Misuse of College Property

    College property is for the provision of college services. Students who damage, misuse, steal, or otherwise use the property in a way that is prohibited may be expelled and required to make restitution.

  9. Endangerment of Staff or Students

    BITTS is committed to the safety of all college staff, students, clients, and visitors. Students who by action or neglect in any way endanger the safety of themselves or others may be expelled.

Prior to expulsion, depending on the severity and nature of the situation, BITTS may take intermediate steps at its discretion including:
  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion.

Students who are subject to expulsion for any reason will be notified in writing, either via hand delivered or registered mail with a return receipt. BITTS is not responsible for non-delivery by registered mail if the student has not provided a valid home address where the student currently resides.

The notification will contain a description of the basis for expulsion and the effective date. Expelled students who dispute the facts of the expulsion must appeal the decision within three days of the notification following the complaints procedure of BITTS provided to the student and providing sufficient proof to support the complaint.

Students who file an appeal and are unsuccessful are considered withdrawn from BITTS. Further appeals must be filed through the Complaints process of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, provided the students are attending a registered program recognized as being protected under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005.


A student who is expelled by BITTS will be considered withdrawn from their program on the effective date of the expulsion. BITTS will officially withdraw the student and settlement of the student’s account will be completed under BITTS’s Fee Refund Policy.

Return of Property

A student who is expelled is responsible for the return of any college property in his/her own possession within 10 days and will be held financially responsible for any property not returned in good condition or as outlined in the student contract. However, BITTS may deduct from a student’s fee refund, as set out in the enrolment contract, any amount owing by the student with respect to such property.