Customer Service Representative

Availability: Continuous

Length: 25 Hours

Department: Business
Campus: Brampton, Mississauga, Online
Semester: Continuous
Duration: 25 Hours

Every member of an organization needs to be involved in delivering excellent Customer Service Representative skills. This course teaches exemplary customer service tactics used by professionals in all types of organizations. This course focuses on strategies for reaching company goals, dealing with complaints and problems, winning back customers and creating loyal customers. It emphasizes the importance of effective communication and collaboration techniques with a wide range of customer-focused activities. This course will develop the knowledge about customer behaviour, loyalty, exceptional service, problem-solving, time and stress management service skills and the impact of globalization on customer service. After completion of the course student will be able to resolve customer complaints and conflicts and will be able to serve a diverse population of customers.

  • The Customer Service Environment

  • Introduction to Customer-Service

  • Serving a diverse Population of Customers

  • Customer Service and Essential Personal Skills

  • Resolving customer conflicts and complaints

  • Problem-solving, Time and Stress management service skills

  • Communication Skills for Customer Service

  • Customer focused listening skills

  • Effective telephone communication

  • The challenges of Customer Service

  • The impact of Globalization on customer service

  • Using Technology to better serve customers

  • Managing, Training and rewarding great customer service

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent

  • Age must be 18 years or above

  • English Proficiency

Customer service is a wide and growing field across the world over time. One can easily find “The job” as a Customer Service Representative if having any successful course or diploma with skills. This field can help you in earning a high income in Canada. Students can work in this field with various job titles in different departments. Some of the high demanding jobs in Customer service in Canada are listed below:

  • Customer Service Receptionist in a variety of organizations.

  • As bank teller in Banks to help out the customers.

  • Front desk coordinator or medical receptionist in hospitals and clinics.

  • The concierge at hotels and restaurants.

  • Call centers or technical support representative.

  • Help desk analyst in IT departments.

  • Clients relation Specialists in various organizations and more.