Information Technology Management

Credential: Graduate

Length: 4 Semesters

Department: Information Technology
Campus: Brampton, Mississauga, Online
Semester: January, March, May, July, September, November
Duration: 4 Semesters

The twenty-first century has marked the advent of a high-tech era. BITTS International Career college offers you a diploma course in Information technology management. The global COVID-19 pandemic can be imputed to the swell in the tech sector. There’s no space today that cannot be acquired virtually. From elementary education to a multinational company, IT is now a new fundamental part of normal lives. There are demands for skill sets that can be utilized via remote work protocols in both public and private sectors. The productivity of people depended significantly on IT tools. BITTS International Career College offers a course that adheres to the needs of this new normal. Moreover, the college provides a timeline that matches yours, so you can get enrolled throughout the year for your graduate-level diploma.

Why Information Technology Management program?

In the post-pandemic times, notably at the international level, there’s a growing demand for internet-based professionals. The analogue world can also cross the borders virtually providing better employment opportunities. Digital money in cyberspace has made everything available at your fingertips. Envisage your prospects, you can be the next big fish in the IT sector. BITTS is a College that steers your professional life towards triumph. It is the right time to develop and enhance technical proficiency. Apparently, the college has high acceptance rates, students can get enrolled at their convenience. The in-take process is objective. Job-finding workshops are also included. This is your cohere one-stop solution for a diploma in IT.

The modules mentioned below are covered in the classroom along with one-on-one doubts clearing sessions.

Object-Oriented Data Structures

  • Database Management

  • Programming Basics – C

  • Programming – OOP

  • Programming User Interfaces

IT Fundamentals

  • Database Management

  • Networking

  • Internet Fundamentals

  • Mobile Technology

Business Analysis and programming Tools

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Intelligence

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Application Programming

  • Application integration for business

  • English – I

  • English – II

Information Technology Risk and Control

  • IT- Risk Management

  • IT- Business Process Management

  • IT – Security Management

  • Technical Communication

EMM ( Enterprise Mobility Management)

  • Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Enterprise System Administration

Data Center Consolidation Strategy

  • Cloud Computing Overview

  • Service Oriented Architecture

  • ERP System Administration Tools

  • Computer and IT Peripherals

  • Project Consolidation

  • IT – Project Management

The program is modulated to introduce the students to the new developments in the field of information technology and vice versa through the graduate level diploma. Our augmented and technology-oriented environment will give the students with the ever-best experience to know the principles of business management in the field of information technology. Our highly expert teachers and professionals will lead the students with hand full exercises and experiences to know better the industry. At BITTS, a higher value is put on the course content. The course is completed in four-semester.

  • The diploma holder in information technology could not have access to job opportunities only in Canada but can grab the chances for better scope worldwide because this is the digital era.

  • In every business sector, IT management plays a vital role to manage the businesses in a fast and better way.

  • Ontario High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Age must be 18 years or above

  • If you are an international student: English proficiency (IELTS/CELPIP/other English Tests or OSSD equivalent)

Forge ahead into the future with hands full of opportunities:

  • Upon graduation, a student will be well versed in the fundamentals of internet regulations.

  • The practicable knowledge about Digital transformation technologies such as Cloud, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Blockchain (BC), Telecommuting, collaborating virtual teams and Machine Learning (ML) will serve as a utility on your resume.

  • Diverse opportunities in the tech field can be realized, such as technical support specialist, network administrator, software engineer, IT business analyst, IT project manager, developer/ programmer, quality assurance analyst, datalogy and the list goes on.

  • The technology sector both at public and private firms is expanding in Canada. In a similar vein, health care departments and the government are also proffering vacancies. Successively creating substantial and stable earning potential.

  • The internet is the most available tool to people. People nowadays hire freelancers with expertise in cyber-security and surveillance, computer technicians, computer support analysts and much more. The proliferation in the gig economy is a good sign for IT recruits. Earn your tag of being a digital nomad.

Program Availability

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