Physiotherapy Assistant

Credential: Graduate

Length: 3 Semesters

Department: Health Services
Campus: Mississauga, Online
Semester: January, March, May, July, September, November
Duration: 3 Semesters

The physiotherapy assistant diploma program is structured to equip the graduates with assessment, support treatment, interventions for relief and relaxation for the patient, and discharge planning of patients after their rehabilitation and recovery process. This program prepares students with skills and knowledge to work under the guidance of a registered physiotherapist. The program equips graduates to provide assessment, treatment, support, interventions and discharge planning for patients in their rehabilitation and recovery. At BITTS International Career College, the students under this course will learn significantly more from our friendly learning environment in theoretical knowledge and practical experience through developing the competency to perform better in the dynamic health care field. Our well-prepared area of teaching and training will not only enable you to enter this bright career gateway but will also prepare you to jump into this field favourably.

  • Introduction to rehabilitation, health care system and ethics

  • Interpersonal skills, communication and problem solving

  • Introduction to computers, applications and keyboarding

  • Medical terminology, body systems and diseases

  • Basic patient care techniques, functional movement and rehabilitation

  • PTA administration and program support

  • Essential skills for PTA – musculoskeletal

  • Essential skills for PTA – cardiac, neurological and respiratory and wound management

  • Introduction to mental health, illness and disability

  • Introduction to occupational therapy

  • Medical emergencies

  • Job search and career development

  • Clinical placement

  • Ontario High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Age must be 18 years or above

  • If you are an international student: English proficiency (IELTS/CELPIP/Other English tests or OSSD equivalent)

Physiotherapy assistant has also become the most in-demand profession in Canada nowadays. People having life skill issues really need physiotherapy assistance to help them to cope with their physical and mental conditions. The physiotherapy assistance profession is expected to rise manifold in Canada because an ageing population wants to live a healthy life. BITTS International Career College provides a very comprehensive graduate-level diploma in physiotherapy assistant (PTA) to accommodate the students to work in the field of physiotherapy. The need for physiotherapists is always highly sought-after in the health care battleground so there is no agnosticism in career-making of this subject. The graduate-level successful physiotherapy Assistant will be able to work in helping people who are compromising due to any physical difficulty like injury, physical or mental illness, and may the conditions which affect daily life activities under the assistance of a registered physiotherapist. There are many adventitious job opportunities in the field of physiotherapy assistant in Canada for those who have a professional diploma in the subject like:

  • One can work in a physiotherapy clinic, health care centres, or hospital availing by a high range of salary.

  • Industry and sports organizations also seek physiotherapy assistants in Canada.

  • There are also opportunities in rehabilitation centres and other sectors as well.

  • Moreover, a physiotherapy assistant diploma holder can make a passive income through this in-demand field in Canada.

Program Availability

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