A Mid-February Resolution 

Celebrate Family Day with Some New Education at BITTS

Happy Family Day 

It’s February, winter is still upon us, and the end-of-2023 holidays are long over. But now Family Day is here—that mid-February day-off in Ontario that’s only been in place as a statutory holiday for less than two decades. Everyone now has that extra day to relax, spend quality time at home, and be with their loved ones until the Easter holidays come. But what happens afterward…? Back to the grind? No real change in your livelihood or profession? Possibly. But there are options to avert these scenarios.

An Educated Resolution

So many of us make the classic New Year’s resolutions. Once the first of January in the New Year hits, we tell ourselves we’ll eat better. Or go to the gym more. Or take up a musical instrument. Or read more. As good as the intentions are, these resolutions are often broken shortly after they’re made. People are human and that happens. But Family Day can be a good reminder to rejuvenate or re-energize the intentions for those resolutions again, especially if you’re thinking of education. If you’re tired of the same old work grind or want a way to get a newer, better position, you still can. It’s easier than you think too.

The Shorter Option

It’s true that you might not be able to get into the local college or university course you’ve always dreamed of since those marks go in by the end of January. But those courses are competitive, expensive, and time consuming. If you’ve got a family and working life, those factors will affect you. Short courses are a great alternative option. Accounting, information technology, taxation, web development…you can get onto those professions with short, inexpensive courses that you can complete in no time in order to work in those fields.

Even better: BITTS offers all of these short course offerings and more. Visit bitts.ca to find out how you can make your February education resolution a reality.

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