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The Fifth Season

The old joke in Canada that the extra season, a fifth that lies between spring and summer, is “tax season”. Rightly or wrongly, people need to know about taxation and how it affects their revenue, their work, and inevitably their income. Obviously, most people want to save on tax money and, while satisfying the government tax requirements, maximize their own profits. But it’s tough since there is so much legalese, jargon, and intricacies to understand. But that does not mean it’s impossible. It just requires a bit of education and BITTS can help with that.

Just for Yourself

Since everyone must pay their own income taxes, it’s becoming popular year-after-year that individuals learn how to file their own records. You don’t have to be an accountant—you just have to understand doing deductions, what to declare, understanding computerized filing systems, and the benefits of having Registered Retirement Savings Plans [RRSPs], charitable donations, etc. BITTS’s Personal Income and Tax Preparation course covers all these facets and more in a tight, twenty-five-hour course that anyone can take to file their own taxes efficiently.

Going Bigger

You get good at filing your own taxes. Then others ask you to help and pay you a bit. You realize you have a talent for tax filing but are thinking if there is any bigger, broader professional future in filing taxes. There is: corporate taxation. Companies of all shapes and sizes need professionals to help them strategize their tax filing, how to keep multi-faceted digital records, how to understand corporate tax law and its intricacies, and how to deal with tax audits conducted by government agencies. Again, BITTS has its own twenty-five-hour corporate taxation course to help you understand and apply these techniques for your own professional growth.

Want to master tax techniques? Become your own personal tax expert? Great! Contact bitts.ca to see how you can.

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