What makes BITTS stand out amongst all?

At dawn today, tech-savvy Canadians and average citizens alike awoke up to hear about the Canada wide Internet outage by one of the giant providers, Rogers, that boasts its mission statement to be: “To connect Canadians to a world of possibilities, and the memorable moments that matter most in their lives.”

Indeed it became a hellish situation for all the affected people in Canada, including banks, hospitals, companies, and even emergency service providers like 911 as they became inaccessible due to this technological mishap.

When all of Canada got stuck up, there are some promising names as BITTS International Career College and its affiliated operations in its 6 Ontario locations and 2 locations in British Columbia were not affected at all. BITTS and its affiliates were all prepared to have technological back-up in place from the start and, as a result, BITTS Testing Services were not impacted due to Internet failure. All testing was able to start and finish in time without any interruption. BITTS’s most efficient staff, its unmatched customer care policy and their highly efficient IT team are always on hand to handle any unforeseen challenges. This continues to make BITTS a most desirable place for test-takers, students, and thus proves its commitment to community services.

As anchors are well known for holding wayward ships tight in stormy oceans, BITTS works like an anchor holding the clients’ lives tight during such storms, guiding them towards their goals by keeping them strong and focused. BITTS always strives to keep all of its operations going despite the odds.

“Why wait more, when BITTS is there?” Please visit https://bitts.ca/ to enquire about our various programs and tests and services. We help you to create happy memories for the lifetime.

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